Our Curriculum

...וֽשִׁנַּנֽתָּם לְבָנֶיךָ

A combination of עיון (in depth) and בלי תרגיל (overview) study into all five books of Torah

A comprehensive approach to the many aspects of Jewish life, with complexity increasing at each successive grade level

Progressive Talmud study including Mihsnayos & Gemara (with Rashi), developing the skills for life-long learning


The eternal wisdom within these books is explored by students in yearly installments,

Toras Chaim's Social Studies curriculum spans all of American history and includes additional, focused attention on Geography, Civics, and Economics

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A calculated approach to building up essential numerical comprehension and critical thinking skills. 

Instilling wonder at the world around our students, we introduce elements of physic & chemistry with full laboratory studies and experimentation

Toras Chaim's Language Arts Program encompasses the study of vocabulary, grammar, literature, and writing. The first two comprise the building blocks of language while the latter two combine those building blocks in the act of expression


Toras Chaim is  a constituent agency of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater

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