Welcome to Toras Chaim

Toras Chaim is special and unique in the way we create a small community environment in which Derech Eretz is stressed while Torah and general studies are taught with rigor and high expectations.  Chazal have told us that derech eretz is the precursor for full incorporation of Torah.  It is true that Torah can be studied and information learned, but when a student grows up in a community that stresses interdependence, working together, finding ways to get along, the Torah becomes more than a subject, it becomes a life guide.


We work to teach students skills how to learn.  The Ben He He tell us in Meseches Avos, "לפום צערא אגרא", or according to the effort is the reward.  Students learn that obtaining success in learning comes from learning strong foundational skills and then working hard to grow.  This is true in general studies also.  Thomas Edison said, "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." We help the children learn how to do their very best, and encourage them at every step of their growth.

-Rabbi Mordechai Loiterman, Principal

Meet Some of Our Teachers

(under construction) 2019-2020 School Year

Mrs. Shira Baila Purec

Pre-K 3

Rabbi Yisroel Stein

4th Grade Judaic Studies


Kindergarten Judaics


Toddler and Aftercare


Pre-K 4 Assistant Teacher

Rabbi Aharon Lipman

2nd Grade Judaics

Mrs. Michal Stein

Pre-K 4


7th and 8th Grade Boys

3rd Grade Judaic Studies

Mrs. Kyla Senecal

Kindergarten and 2nd Grade

Mrs. Deborah WIlson

School Librarian

Mrs. Robin Lee

Student Special Resources

Mrs. Chayala Lefkovitz

1st Grade

Mrs. Rivky Katz



Middle School Mathematics


Middle School Girls Judaic Studies

Mrs. Giggie Brandt

7th and 8th Grade Girls

Mrs. Jennifer Carey

1st and 3rd Grade

Mr. Zach Hinz

Middle School Language Arts